In 2001, after years of working in healthcare and often feeling frustrated with the process of obtaining continuing education, Sharyn Smith-Jensen asked herself, “Could there be an easier way to earn the CEs required for my license renewal?” Therein was born Sharyn’s idea was to bring continuing education directly to healthcare professionals through online courses, which was still a relatively novel idea at the time.

Around this same time, Sharyn and her husband befriended a homeless man who spent his nights on the roof of the University of Arizona’s law school.
He happened to also be a self-taught web designer. Sharyn hired him to create the first website, which over the years has now served thousands of learners who’ve grown to love Sharyn’s courses and personal touch customer service.

Fast forward to 2014. Taylor Florence, a healthcare administrator in California needed to renew his license for the first time. A friend recommended Taylor started using the site. When a question arose about one of his courses, he called the contact number and was connected directly to Sharyn. Incredulous that the Sharyn answering the phone was the same Sharyn who founded the company, Taylor started to ask questions and the two struck up a friendship.

Eventually, their friendship lead to conversations about partnership and opportunities to help Sharyn’s website and amazing courses reach a larger audience of healthcare professionals across the country. Taylor and Sharyn reached out to Alex Wilson, a close friend to Taylor and corporate attorney, to help with the partnership formation, but eventually decided to have him join the team in a broader capacity.

So, in early 2018, Sharyn officially brought on Taylor and Alex as partners. The now rebranded CEUSrEZ (administrators) and QuickNurseCE (nurses) remain true to the core tenants of Sharyn’s original vision — quick and easy, low-cost online continuing education for healthcare professionals.

Our mission at QuickNurseCE remains unchanged: Simplify the lives of nurses by providing quality, accessible continuing education opportunities.